About us

LetSnap is developed by an innovative startup located in Jerusalem, Israel.

Users of smartphones are constantly interacting and viewing content. LetSnap allows users to continue to view and interact with their content, and at the same time be free to instant message who they want, when they want, without having to close the current application they are in. LetSnap can be seen as THE instant messaging application for your smartphone, rather than just another app.

The Mission

LetSnap does not want to be an alternative to any other SMS or instant messaging service, we want to be THE instant messaging service that is with you and available to you always while you are on your smartphone. With LetSnap a user never has to be interrupted, and leave their current app to answer to a message, this ruins the whole essence of mobility. We would like to make the smartphone truly mobile with LetSnap, allowing sending and receiving of messages quickly and easily.

The Team

The LetSnap team is a forward thinking team of innovative professionals from around the globe. With headquarters located in Jerusalem, Israel, the company is situated in a startup nation atmosphere, and has a great sense for creativity. LetSnap was developed with the mobile user in mind. A team of visionaries, business developers, engineers and creatives, combined with a hunger for challenging the status quo came up with a way for users to interact with the most important feature of a smartphone today, messaging, over any application they have running on their screens.